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Footsie at the footie.

Research by Capital One revealed that more than a third of football fans would take a first date to watch their favourite football team.

It might not be your stereotypical first date activity, but among football fans there is nothing more romantic than an evening spent cheering your favourite team in the stands. So who's the keenest for a night of flirtation on the terraces? Which clubs most fancy a little pitch-side passion? And how much money will a trip to watch the beautiful game cost their credit cards compared to your standard dinner and a theatre date?

Footsie at the Footie: the real cost of Football Fans Dating

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  • 33% of football-loving men said they would go to the football on a first date and over 45% of women would do the same.
  • Fans of Birmingham City feel their ground is the most romantic at 72%, in contrast to just 14% of Stoke City supporters.
  • When it came to a match-day companion supporters prefer to watch from the stands with their mates, 43% fans claiming that they most enjoy attending a match with a friend, whilst fans of Chelsea are most likely to opt to attend a game with their partner.