The eligibility checker which gives you 100% certainty before you apply

All about eligibility checkers

Eligibility checkers are a quick way to find out how likely you are to be accepted for a credit card, without doing a full application, plus they don't impact your credit score.

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  • Quick and easy

    No complicated questions, just a few details about you, your home and your work, and you should have an answer in 60 seconds!

  • How they work

    Eligibility checkers only leave a search 'footprint' on your credit file, so whilst you can see the search on your file, other organisations can't so it won’t affect your ability to get credit at a later date.

  • Won’t affect your credit rating

    QuickCheck won’t affect your credit score, so there’s no risk in finding out if you’re eligible for a Capital One credit card.

  • 100% certainty

    QuickCheck tells you with 100% certainty whether you’ll be approved for a Capital One credit card before you apply.

  • Right card for you

    QuickCheck can help you find the credit card that you're eligible for, and offers a simple yes or no answer in 60 seconds.