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We can help you work out what payments you can afford

Call our customer support team today and they could help you set up a payment plan. This will take into account your individual situation - so you only pay what you can afford. Our team will want to get a clear idea of your incomings and outgoings - so fill in this handy table as accurately as you can first and you'll be ready to answer their questions.

A payment plan makes it easier to get your account up to date by:

  • Spreading your payments over a longer period
  • Freezing late payment fees (and overlimit fees too if they're part of your agreement). You'll still be charged interest on your balance
  • Preventing your account from defaulting
  • Showing on your credit file that you're trying to get back on track

If you're eligible for a payment plan, and you miss one of your plan payments without contacting us, we'll ask for you to pay the amount required to bring your account up to date.

Monthly income

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Monthly outings

Priority Bills

Other household outgoings

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* (Gas, Electric, Utilities, House Insurance, Council Tax, Child Maintenance, Court Fines)

** (Other credit cards, store cards or personal loans)

*** (e.g. Tobacco, Alcohol, Clothing, Footwear, Pets, Child Costs, Hobbies, Healthcare etc)

Calls may be recorded/monitored for training purposes.