PPI complaints

You may have heard that PPI wasn't always sold well by banks. In December 2010 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) brought in new rules which gave banks clear instructions in how to respond to complaints from customers about the mis-selling of PPI.

A quick recap of PPI

PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance and is an insurance product that lets you protect repayment of loans, mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards and store cards against accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment or loss of life.

If you're concerned about the way PPI was sold to you by Capital One please read on to find out how we can help.

Getting what you're owed

Should you complain to Capital One directly or use a Claims Management Company?

Here's what happens if your complaint is successful and you receive a refund of £500.

A Claims Management Company may charge you 25%-30% of your refund in fees. Capital One will not charge you anything.

The fees mean you only get around £350 instead of the £500 that you would get from complaining directly to us.

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