Making a complaint is easy

Just answer a few questions so we can help you decide if you want to make a complaint.

About your account

Did you open your account before September 2012?

You don't need to complain

We stopped selling PPI in September 2012. If your account was opened after that it means you didn't have PPI with us and you don't need to make a complaint.

If you decide you want to complain in the future, simply return to us for help.

Checking for mis-sold PPI?

Decide if you should complain

Now you need to check if you ever had PPI. One way to do this quickly is to check your statements, if you see PPI premiums being charged then you have (or had) PPI.

Helping you understand if you were mis-sold PPI

Think about the sale and what your situation was at the time and if PPI was something you could have benefitted from if you needed to make a claim on it.

These websites may help you understand more about what mis-sold PPI means.

Which? opens in a new window

An independent, not for profit consumer body that gives advice to help make informed decisions.

Money Saving Expert opens in a new window

A consumer finance information and discussion website to provide financial information and support.

Anyone who had PPI has a right to make a complaint about the sale, regardless of whether your account is now closed, your PPI has been cancelled, if your account is in arrears, in an IVA and so on. No policy number or previously made a successful claim on insurance? You're still entitled to complain about how it was sold to you.

Do you think you were mis-sold PPI and want to complain?

You don't need to complain

If you decide you want to complain in the future, simply return to us for help.

Complaining about mis-sold PPI

How to complain

Download the PPI complaints form

You'll need Adobe Reader to complete this form - it's free.

Complete the PPI form

  • Complete one form for each Capital One account you have
  • Include your phone number
  • Make sure your account number is clear and easy to read

Send us the completed form

Post the form back to us using the address on the form.

We want to make this as easy as possible so if you have any questions please call us on 0333 000 1601 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri). If you need additional support there are other ways to contact us.

Now it's over to us

  • Confirmation

    We'll let you know we've received your complaint

  • Investigate

    We'll investigate which should be complete within 8 weeks

  • Decide

    We'll let you know our decision

  • Refund

    If you are due a refund we'll do it within 15 days of our decision

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