Making a complaint is easy

Simply choose one of the options below to let us know about your claim.

How the process works

  • Complain

    Make a complaint about PPI

  • Confirmation

    We'll let you know when we get your complaint

  • Investigate

    We'll review your case, which should take less than 8 weeks

  • Decide

    We'll get in touch to let you know

  • Refund

    If you're due a refund we'll send it within 15 days of our decision

Complain online

Resolver - in association with moneysavingexpert.com

Resolver is a totally free tool that connects consumers directly to the people at Capital One who can resolve their complaint

To complain online click on the button below. This will take you to Resolver's website. Follow the instructions and complete the PPI complaint form to automatically generate your own complaint email to Capital One.

Complain by post

Download the PPI complaints form

You'll need Adobe Reader to complete this form - it's free.

Download PPI form (594 kb)

Send us the completed form

Post the form back to us using the address printed on our form.


We want to make sure this is as easy as possible so if you have any questions call us on 0333 000 1601 (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday). Calls may be recorded/monitored for training purposes.

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