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Watch: why you should always use an eligibility checker

March 2016Capital One Essentials

Eligibility checkers are a quick and easy way to find out how likely you are to be accepted for a credit card without doing a full application.

  • Won't affect your credit score

    No matter what the result is, your credit score will not be affected, it's a 'try before you buy' approach that keeps your credit score safe as it's not an actual application, or a credit report, it's a check that'll help guide you on whether you should apply, or not.

  • Matches you to the right card

    Sometimes too much choice can be confusing, but an eligibility checker will match you to the card most suitable to you.

  • It's quick and easy

    You don't have to answer any complicated questions, just a few details about you, your home and your work and you should get an answer in a few minutes.

  • Apply with confidence

    Most eligibility checkers will tell you what chance you have of being accepted, but some give you a definite yes or no, like our Quick Check eligibility checker. So you can apply with 100% confidence.

Check if you'll be accepted

Try Capital One QuickCheck today to know if you'll be accepted, so you can apply with confidence.