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QuickCheck is easy to use and provides a fast, no risk answer to the question, "Will I be approved for a credit card?" Try QuickCheck to check your eligibility now.

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We won't affect your credit rating

We think it's responsible to tell you whether you will be approved for a card before you apply. By working with credit reference agencies we do a pre-application check of your credit rating using QuickCheck.

You'll be able to see the search on your file, but it won't show up to other organisations. This means there is no impact to your credit rating.

100% certainty before you apply

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If you decide to apply for a card you can apply with confidence knowing you will be accepted, at which point we do a visible update to the credit reference agencies to let them know you asked us for credit.

We stand behind our answer and confirm that we've carried out all the appropriate credit checks we need. However, there is a small chance that we may be unable to open your account if we identify certain information on fraud prevention databases or if we are not able to verify your identity.

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