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2020 Press Releases

Capital One UK raises thousands for mental health charity

December 2020

December, 2020: Capital One UK associates raise £25,436 for Rethink Mental Illness - and other charities - as part of an internal campaign.

Launched with an ambition to raise £10,000 for charity, Capital One UK's first ever Charity Week opens in a new tab went ahead virtually and saw associates get involved in some unique challenges.

From getting associates involved in Capital One's take on Gogglebox - a popular Channel 4 show - to going vegan, virtual physical challenges in the form of walking, running or cycling, to craft challenges, associates had an array of fundraising activities to choose from to support the good cause. All activities which were launched through an internal communications campaign also focussed on enhancing associate's mental and physical wellbeing.

The choice of fundraising activities have proved that despite a national lockdown, it is still possible to come together, even when apart, to raise money for a great cause. It is hoped that this success story offers some inspiration for businesses in how to get creative when it comes to fundraising when faced with restrictions.

On top of individual associate's efforts, different departments were also tasked with a Community Champions Challenge, which offered the opportunity to receive a further £2,000 for their departmental chosen charity. Activities here saw charity books clubs, team yoga and raffles. All the activities were so brilliant that the internal judging panel decided to give all 6 of the charities an extra cash boost.

As another fundraising incentive, associates were encouraged to claim up to 5 Rethink Mental Illness rewards badges during the week. For each badge collected, an additional £20 was donated to Rethink Mental Illness, per associate, with the total doubling to £200 if all 5 badges were collected. The badges were collected by attending relevant sessions throughout the week, taking part in the activities or simply by donating money to the cause.

Associate's fundraising efforts totalled up to £12,443, which was matched by Capital One's CSR team, bringing the total amount donated to Rethink Mental Illness to £25,436. Since 2017, Capital One have now raised over £150,000 for Rethink Mental Illness.