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Supporting Vulnerable Customers

Since 2015, the FCA has focused financial firms’ minds on ensuring the fair treatment of vulnerable customers. It’s fair to say all financial services firms have been on a journey in how to best identify and support customers who are or who may be vulnerable.

At Capital One UK, our dedication to supporting those with vulnerabilities existed before the announcement from the FCA, and we have taken the view that this is a common challenge for our industry, and one that we should unite in trying to tackle. No one firm has all the answers and by working together and being open about these challenges and sharing what does and doesn’t work, we will collectively enable our industry to best support those who need it most.

Cross-functional teams at Capital One UK have been researching and thinking of a solution which aims to give financial firms more information on how we - as an industry - can create better outcomes for all our customers. The outcome was a toolkit which consists of a vulnerability inclusion handbook and workshop, complete with facilitator guidance.

We believe the toolkit will give financial firms more information on how we can create better outcomes for all our customers. The outcomes of this are two assets that can be used by any financial firm.

Download the Handbook and Workshop kit to use as and when needed.

Vulnerability Inclusion Handbook

Our vulnerability inclusion handbook moves us away from seeing vulnerabilities as an individual set of complex conditions, and into a core set of associated behaviours that have the potential to impact how a customer manages their finances.

We believe this approach can make a huge difference not just to those customers who are vulnerable but to all our customers, and in a way that does not stigmatise, isolate or require them to be considered as part of a special group.

Download Vulnerability Inclusion Handbook (pdf - 2.1mb)  opens in a new tab

Vulnerability Inclusion Workshop

It’s so important to make sure that everything we do includes customers who have a vulnerability, and this workshop will help you to do exactly that. It's best to use the kit when you have a good idea of how something might work, but you still have time to make changes before you have the finished product. It could be a new product, an email or website change.

Download Vulnerability Inclusion Workshop (pdf - 6.4mb)  opens in a new tab