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Improve your credit score and the way the financial world sees you.

Know your credit score

CreditWise takes away the mystery and makes it clear what your credit score means.

Improve with tips

Find out what’s going well and what’s holding you back. There are tips too, for helping you to give your credit score a boost.

Check your details

Sometimes, a simple mistake in your details can hold back your credit score. So go through your report and dispute things that look wrong.

See changes over time

And start to understand how the things you do affect your credit score.

Stay up to date

Get a notification when your credit score changes. And find out if you're eligible for a Capital One credit card.

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What is a credit score?

Your credit score is a sign of your financial health, while your credit report goes into the detail of the last 6 years of your credit history. A credit rating is a way of showing your chances of being approved for credit. For example, good or excellent.

What is CreditWise?

CreditWise shows your credit score, report and rating. It also features tips to help you improve your financial health.

Who can use Creditwise?

Anyone. It’s a 100% free way for you to check your credit score, report and rating. You don’t even have to be a Capital One customer.

Why should you check your credit score?

Check your credit score, report and rating and start to understand how the financial world sees and rates you.

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