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The CreditWise website is currently offline

We're working with a new partner and planning some exciting updates to the CreditWise website. While we do this, we've turned the website off for a few months. As part of this update, we’ve also retired the CreditWise app permanently.

You don’t need to do anything. We’ll be in touch before the relaunch and we’ll update this page with any news. Your credit score and report will still be free, and we’ll still give you tips on how to improve your score over time. We’re also planning a fresh new look, with more free tools and features.

If you need to access your credit report whilst CreditWise is switched off, you can get a copy with one of the credit reference agencies - Equifax opens in a new tab , TransUnion opens in a new tab , or Experian opens in a new tab .

As always, we’ll keep your personal data secure whilst CreditWise is offline. You can find out more about how we use your data in our privacy policy, including when we share your data with third parties.

If you’d prefer to close your CreditWise account, you can do that by calling 03444 810 882.