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Check it, don't chance it

QuickCheck and our Repayment Calculator are just two of the great ways we're helping to keep your credit in check.


Be 100% sure if you'll be accepted for a credit card, without affecting your credit score

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Why you should check it, before you chance it

  • Every time you apply for a credit card, the application leaves a mark on your credit report that other credit card lenders can see.

  • Too many of these marks in a short space of time can reduce your chances of being accepted for a credit card.

  • Applying for a credit card in this way can be risky, as you don't know if you'll be accepted until you apply.

  • QuickCheck runs a 'soft search', so you know if you're accepted before you apply, without affecting your credit score.

How our credit card eligibility checker works

QuickCheck, our free online credit card eligibility checker, gives you a clear answer to the question: "Will I be accepted for a credit card?"

It gives you a 100% guaranteed yes or no, so you know for certain if you’ll be accepted for one of our credit cards before you apply.

To do a QuickCheck, answer some questions about you, your work and your home. We'll use this information to do a soft check of your credit file and give you a guaranteed yes or no in 60 seconds.

And the best thing about using our credit card eligibility checker is that it won't affect your credit score.

Join the 6 million people we've already accepted and try QuickCheck today.

Reasons to use a credit card eligibility checker

Eligibility checkers are a useful way to find out if you'll be accepted for a credit card without doing a full application.

Won't affect your credit score

No matter what the result is, your credit score won't be affected, it's a 'try before you buy' approach that has no impact on your credit score.

Matches you to cards you're eligible for

Sometimes too much choice can be confusing, but an eligibility checker will show you the cards you're actually eligible for.

Get an answer in 60 seconds

Just answer a few details about you, your home and your work, and you'll have an answer in 60 seconds.

Apply with confidence

Our eligibility checker lets you know with 100% certainty if you'll be accepted before you apply.