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Using credit cards

Get to know your credit card

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First things first, make sure you get to know your credit card.

On the front you'll find your card number and your expiry date and on the back you'll see a 3 digit number which is your CVV (sometimes this is called the Security code/number or CVV2 number).

Now you're properly introduced, it's time to see what your credit card can do.

Like most things in life, a credit card can be super in the right hands, but if you don't use it right it can cause you a real headache.

It's important to know your credit card limit and stay within it. Be sure to double and even triple check what it is. Your credit card limit is exactly that, it's the total amount your credit card provider is willing to lend you. The amount can vary from person to person and will be worked out on the scoring of your application.

If you go over your credit limit there's a good chance you'll have to pay charges so it pays to be extra careful.

With credit cards you can buy things, withdraw money from an ATM and make balance transfers. Different rates of interest may apply to these different types of transactions.

To save money and pay off your balance sooner, it's worth paying as much as you can in addition to the minimum payment.

Credit card payments

Credit card top tips

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