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You've had a change in circumstances

We understand how the unexpected can strike at any time, making you feel that you have to struggle alone. Although there aren't always quick solutions, we and these other organisations will do everything we possibly can to help.

What to do when life takes an unexpected turn

The help and support you need is there for you if you ask for it. So, please do so. Keep Capital One up to date with any changes in personal circumstances that may affect your payments. If you'd like further support, here are just some of the many dedicated charities and organisations that can help make your life easier.

Long-term illness

Macmillan  opens in a new tab can help if you're struggling with cancer.

The Alzheimer's Society  opens in a new tab specialise in caring for people with dementia.

Mind  opens in a new tab will help you cope if you or a relative is affected by mental illness.

Death and bereavement

If you're dealing with a bereavement, Age UK  opens in a new tab or The Samaritans  opens in a new tab could give you the right support.

Separation and divorce

The Samaritans  opens in a new tab and Citizen's Advice  opens in a new tab can help you with a wide range of personal struggles.

Helping someone else who is vulnerable by getting power of attorney

If someone isn't in a position to make decisions for themselves, then you can get power of attorney to take care of their finances and make decisions. Talking to Citizen's Advice  opens in a new tab , a solicitor or one of the above organisations could help you arrange getting power of attorney.

Disclaimer: Capital One takes no responsibility for content that appears on websites outside of owned properties, the content is appropriate and intended to offer support at the time this article was published.

Struggling with money?

If you need help with your finances, we'll do everything we can to stop you worrying about money and let you start concentrating on what's important.