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Statements, payments & interest

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You can choose how you make your monthly payments from a variety of different methods.

Pay by Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is a great way of making sure all your payments are on time. It’s easy to set up using the Capital One mobile app or by phoning us on 03444 812 812 and telling us your bank account details. Just make sure there is enough money in your account, or your Direct Debit may not be processed and you could be charged fees.

Pay using the Capital One app

Pay on the go with the Capital One mobile app Simply download the app then make debit card payments at any time you like. Just remember to give it 2 working days to go through.

Pay online

You can pay online using a debit card. Simply go to your online account and select 'Make a payment'. You'll be asked for your debit card number, expiry date and the CVV number (last three digits) on the back of your card. Paying this way will also take two working days to process. This method lets you store your card details to save you time making future payments. You just need to remember to update your debit card when you get new one.

Pay by phone

You can call us on 03444 812 812 to make a payment.