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Problem with a transaction

Call our customer service helpline 03444 812812 ‐ 24 hours a day

Firstly, don’t panic

In many cases transactions turn out to be genuine and people simply don't remember. We suggest a quick double check to make sure it's not something you actually know about and agreed to.

  • Is the transaction on your account?

    Check your account online. If you don't have online access you can easily sign up to manage your account online.

  • Do you recognise the transaction or amount?

    Check receipts, it's easy to confuse similar amounts. If you have additional cardholders on your account, check to see if they authorised the transaction.

  • Can you call the retailer / merchant?

    Most retailers/merchants are happy to help if a mistake has been made. You may find their contact details on your receipt or the internet.

Call us

03444 812812

24 hours a day. If there’s a problem with any transaction on your account, please call our customer service department

Calls may be recorded/monitored for training purposes.